Terra Cotta

We carry terra cotta from both Vietnam and Mexico.  Vietnamese Terra Cotta (left) is a low fired pot with a pinkish-orange color.  It looks as if it has been slightly whitewashed as well.  These pots come in many more styles and sizes than the Mexican Terra Cotta and are made to look like Italian Terra Cotta.  One upside to this style of pottery is that it will cost 30%-40% less than an equivalently sized Vietnamese Black Clay pot.

Mexican Terra Cotta (right) is the most prevalent type of pottery seen at homes in the southwestern United States.  These pots are bright orange in color, rough to the touch, and are usually simply adorned with hand carved designs.  

They are less popular here in Idaho than they are in the southwest, but their low price makes them an affordable option for our customers on a budget.

Unfortunately, due to the low clay density and firing temperatures of these terra cotta pots, they are much less durable than the high-fired Vietnamese pottery.  It is recommended that these pots be sealed with concrete sealer or other water-repelling product before the first planting,  brought inside during the winter if possible, or, at a minimum, covered with a waterproof material.