Rustic Glazed (Chinese)

Our Rustic Glazed pottery line consists of some of the largest pots in our stores.  Sometimes referred to as urns, these pots have very earthern-looking glazes that are not as elegant as Vietnamese Glazed pottery and can be planted with large shrubs or small to medium-sized trees.   Unlike Vietnamese Glazed pottery, these pots are glazed on the inside and outside, with no glaze over the rim of the pot.

Rustic Glazed pottery is also the most often used pottery when constructing a custom recirculating water feature.  Due to the many different colors and shapes in the larger sized pots, you should have no problem finding a vessel with which to make a water feature for your landscape.

These pots are made in China, and their clay density, thickness, and very high firing temperature allow them to be left outside all winter long.